The Challenge
Customer (a global insurance company) has always been on the forefront of digital innovation. In 2018, they started seeing fast-changing trend in the market where insurance companies were trying to expand sales channels by working with more partners in diverse industries. At the core of Customer’s strategy was the need for a cloud-based technology solution to connect with external partners more quickly and securely.

Customer’s Head of Digital & Customer Engagement, Choi explains, “We’ve been exploring API management platforms as a potential solution, but none of them provided the speed and security we needed to achieve our aggressive goals.”

The Solution
Ntuple’s SyncTree is a SaaS solution that runs on AWS that helps companies connect with external partners quickly and securely without going through the complexity of system integration and API development. SyncTree was introduced to Customer’s key teams focused around digital innovation, and was quickly escalated to the global as well as Korea’s IT security teams including the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). “Our IT team was quite skeptical at the beginning”, says Choi, “But, it didn’t take long for them to understand the patented technologies Ntuple has developed around secure communication protocol and user synchronization between diversely different systems.” Choi continues to explain about the finance IT regulations, “Not only did SyncTree help us connect to channels and partners much more quickly and securely, but also stay in compliance with demanding regulations by the government around financial institutions using SaaS on public cloud such as AWS”
The Benefit
Since working with Ntuple, Customer has connected to a dozen channel partners in less than a year. That is more than one a month. It would have taken 2 to 3 months per partner without SyncTree. “With this initial success with Ntuple, we’re planning to take it to the next level by working with ‘heavier’ partners such as banks and telcos, and broader deployment by Customer’s global subsidiaries”.

About Ntuple
Ntuple stands for N to the power of N, meaning unlimited expansion and connection. Our product, SyncTree, helps companies of all types of businesses connect with each other quickly and securely without any system modification or API development. With Synctree, businesses are not only able to enhance existing functionality by expanding service offerings and convenience, but also able to capture and commercialize on opportunities that may have previously been abandoned due to cost and complexity with data connectivity, integration, and security issues. We are system agnostic so doesn't matter what legacy system customers or their partners use. SyncTree runs on public clouds or on-premise based on needs. We have customer references in finance, travel, IoT, transportation, logistics, and e-commerce where there are a lot of moving pieces and partnerships in the ecosystem, and connections among them are crucial.