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N-Tuple is a technology start-up established by experts from leading IT and financial companies in Korea. We started our journey with a vision of making a technology where various online platforms can be freely connected and create new values for both business and customers.

In today's evolving IT environment, many companies are looking for new markets and business opportunities through convergence and connectivity with other platforms. To solve this matter, we have developed ‘Sync Tree’, a cloud-based ‘Hyper-Connectivity Platform’ that allows businesses to easily and securely connect to other platforms without making APIs or changing their existing systems.

Sync Tree is an excellent technology for companies that have the needs to expand into other platforms yet have problems building up an API environment and developing APIs. Sync Tree takes a completely different approach of connecting servers which makes it easy and safe for outbound expansion for companies.

About Synctree

Currently, server connections between different platforms are done through APIs. However, this approach has many challenges and difficulties, especially for non-IT based companies.
Problems faces with Connection / Convergence using API
Must modify Legacy System

Need to set up API environment and develop many APIs.

Security Issues

Must develop security infra structure and additional tools.

Additional Cost & Time

Significant resources, cost and time needed.

To solve this problem, we developed our patented cloud-based hyper connectivity-platform called ‘Sync Tree’. Companies can easy connect to other platforms without modifying their existing legacy system or building an API environment


Connects any platform without modifying legacy


No direct access between servers.


100% Cloud based.
No limits on number of connections.


Client side have minimal work to do. Applicable in 10 ~ 15 working days.(Building API environment : 3 months)

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